#RainbowSnippets 1-December-2018 – Déjà Vu

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This week I’m snipping from Déjà Vu, my holiday short story that’s out today!


Gavin and Matthew just want to get home to enjoy Christmas Eve in their safe, warm apartment. Should they walk or take a cab? But will either option do the trick when Victor, suffering from his holiday blahs, is determined to undermine this happy twosome at every turn?

Years ago, Victor made the unfortunate mistake of coming out to his family on Christmas. Why couldn’t he have picked a random summer day? Can Victor’s husband Bryan pull him out of his gloomy mood in order to give the popular Gavin and Matthew the merry Christmas they deserve?

Author’s Note

What happens when a writer with a case of the holiday blues decides he’s sick of writing a popular series?

Hint: said characters might face a few “difficulties” on the way home as their Christmas Eve scene gets written and rewritten.

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This thread starts a few paragraphs into the opening scene. For context, Matthew and Gavin have exited a movie theater after watching a holiday double feature. This is the last of the three snippets I’m posting from Déjà Vu before switching over to The Faction (book 2): The Choice, due out on January 5th.

Click the spoiler tags if you’d like a quick and easy refresher of the last two weeks’ snippets. Told from Matthew’s 3rd-person POV:

Déjà Vu – 17-November-2018

“Let’s walk home.” Matthew clasped Gavin’s hand and flashed his eyebrows.

“I don’t know.” Gavin gave that hand—warm even through their gloves—a firm squeeze. “It’s pretty late.” Although, a growing number of people were hailing taxis, so most likely he and Matthew would be waiting a while if they held out for one.

“It’ll be fine.” The light from the streetlamp reflected off Matthew’s dark chocolate-brown eyes, making them shine, and Gavin’s heart melt. “I don’t want to risk a stinky cab messing up the beauty of this night.”

Getting mugged on the walk home would screw it up even more, but Gavin glanced down the street. With plenty of people still out and about, that outcome was unlikely, and he kept that pessimistic thought to himself. He needed to stop letting his military background affect everyday decisions here in the real world.

Déjà Vu – 24-November-2018

“Okay.” Gavin lifted Matthew’s gloved hand to his lips for a brief kiss. Matthew’s eyes glimmered merrily from the twinkling lights around the movie posters they passed. Romantic gestures like that always brought a smile to Matthews’s lips, and Gavin loved nothing better than to make the love of his life smile.

The thud of their steady steps, sounding heavy with their solid thick-soled boots, blended with the general background clamor of footsteps and cars buzzing by. None stood out until they’d traveled several blocks, and the traffic—both foot and vehicular—thinned.

Even then, none of the noises stood out as exceptional or disquieting in any way, only now Gavin could distinguish the individual sounds. He listened out of habit rather than because he felt any undue concern.

This week’s snippet:

Déjà Vu – 1-December-2018

Matthew’s movements remained buoyant even with the solidity of his strides. A pair of footsteps behind them took a right turn, and others replaced them, merging from a side street to join the handful of others still there.

Halfway home, foot traffic dropped to a trickle, and a streetlamp ahead of them winked out. The alley behind it lay pitch black.

Likely, the timing was coincidental. Lights went out, and odds were someone would be around to see it when it happened. Just because Gavin and Matthew were the people to see this one shine its last lumen didn’t mean there was anything nefarious about the timing.

Déjà Vu is a 5,618 word short story, taking us through one couple’s journey to get home Christmas Eve as another couple works through holiday blahs.

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12 thoughts on “#RainbowSnippets 1-December-2018 – Déjà Vu

    1. You can probably safely trust your feelings with this one! But never fear, although things won’t end so will for Gavin and Matthew in this scene, it’s just writer, Victor, having a little “fun” killing off his story characters as he works through his holiday blues. Knowing me, he’ll probably get over it and everyone will end up happy! 😉

    1. Yaaas! I vote for having vampires jump out of the alley and kill them in this opening scene to my Christmas story. 😂

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