TREADMILL Week 128 & What I #AmReading – Slay Ride by Josh Lanyon

Treadmill Goals/Tracking

  • Get on the treadmill (or equivalent exercise) daily
  • Pace is fine at 30 min/mile, although I may up it on occasion
  • Time range between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day
  • Distance 1-2 miles per day
  • Read the chosen book, which I won’t allow myself to read outside of my treadmill time, hopefully motivating me to reach or exceed the above goals (exception…at the end of the week where a book is highlighted, I will finish it off-treadmill so I can feature something new the next week)

Week 128: May 5, 2019 – May 11, 2019

Sunday Mowed 1-1/2 hours Front & Back Yards
Monday 30 min/mile 30:14 min:sec 1 mile
Tuesday 30 min/mile 30:50 min:sec 1 mile
Wednesday 30 min/mile 30:08 min:sec 1 mile
Thursday 30 min/mile 31:12 min:sec 1 mile
Friday 30 min/mile 30:08 min:sec 1 mile
Saturday Mowed 1-1/2 hours Front & Back Yards

What I’m Reading

Note: Although I will try to avoid them, my weekly reading snippets may or may not contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

What I #amreading: Slay Ride by Josh Lanyon

A wild and dangerous ride takes two lonely men into uncharted territory…

1943 Montana. Returning home to Montana after being wounded in the Pacific, Police Chief Robert Garrett was hoping for a little much needed Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Man. Instead, he finds himself chasing after a cold-blooded killer on Christmas Day aided—whether he likes it or not—by eager young reporter Jamie Jameson.

Jamie has idolized Police Chief Garrett most of his life. Despite a stolen birthday kiss seven years earlier, he knows his feelings are unreturned. Even if Rob felt the same, there’s no room in their world for such feelings between men. But while Jamie can accept Robert not sharing his feelings, he won’t put up with being treated like a troublesome kid brother. He too has a job to do and he intends on traveling this bloody and twisted road with Robert Garrett—no matter where it leads.

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My favorite lines this week…

✿✿ SUNDAY ✿✿ (Mowed and didn’t read today. Didn’t even have the story picked out yet. 💞)

✿✿ MONDAY ✿✿

“Sure,” Robert said easily. “I’m not the heroic type.”

“Not you,” Mable agreed. “Not being heroic is how you got shot in the Phillippines.”

“Everybody got shot, so that doesn’t count.” Robert shrugged into his coat, took his hat, and limped toward the front door. “Anyway, it was my leg that got shot, not my Philippines. My Philippines still work fine.”


Robert was on the radio with his assistant chief—and brother-in-law—Bart Donnelly, when he spotted the wrecked Buick, an unexpected jolt of macabrely festive evergreen in the snowy twilight.


James nodded again. He was pretty sure no words would come out of his throat, so he didn’t try. His heart was pounding so hard, he felt like he was about to smother. Maybe his lungs were weak, because he was pretty sure they were just hanging there in his chest like a pair of torn parachutes, no energy—or desire—to ever draw another breath.


Maybe it was a funny way for a reporter to think, but why couldn’t people mind their own business?

What happened between him an Robert was surely only up to Robert and him?

It did complicate things with Robert being police chief. People paid attention to Robert.

But others like them found a way. Nobody really thought Miss Jimson and Miss Carmichael were only old school chums, did they? And Mr. Fahey was no more Paul Hedge’s step-father than Jamie was.

✿✿ FRIDAY ✿✿

“You sure are. And if you ever pull something like that again—” Robert’s voice shook. He couldn’t finish it. Couldn’t joke about it. It was still too close, too real. “Just don’t,” he said harshly.

✿✿ SATURDAY ✿✿ (Mowed, but the story is short (yet still fabulous!) and I finished yesterday, anyway.)

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