SALE – End of Summer Sale at JMS Books

All ebooks at JMS Books are 50% off through Monday! Yes that includes preorders, and I have my eye on a few of those—namely upcoming releases from Nell Iris, K.L. Noone, Vivien Dean, Sarah Hadley Brook, Kris T. Bethke, Leigh M. Lorien, and JL Merrow. I plan to also take advantage of the discount to try out some new-to-me authors.

Here are a few handy links:

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If you’re a penny-pinching bargain hunter like me, you might appreciate this sale price breakdown of my books, especially if you’re looking to try out a new-to-you author without investing too much (images are clickable and will take you to their page at JMS):

This “Hot Flash” shorty is only 50¢…

These short stories & novelettes are only $1.00…

The Contingency Plan

These novellas are only $2.00…

These short novels and this collection of 11 short stories are only $2.50…

These novels are only $3.00…

And this box set and two anthologies are an absolute steal at only $3.50 each…

Vows Box Set

The Vows Box Set includes: ’Til Death Do Us Part, From This Day Forward, Okay Then, and To Love and To Cherish

The 2018 Top Ten Gay Romance anthology includes: The Contingency Plan plus 9 more fabulous short stories and novelettes

The Love Is Proud anthology includes: Okay Then plus 48 more fabulous short stories

2 thoughts on “SALE – End of Summer Sale at JMS Books

    1. Right? I keep adding to my cart. I’ll hold off on checkout until tomorrow. I want to take a good look at a variety of excerpts for potential new-to-me authors.

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