RAINBOW SNIPPETS – Change of Plans – April 3-4, 2021

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This week I’m continuing to snip from Change of Plans, a novella-in-progress following The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans.

For context, Efren has just awoken to discover an unknown man in his bed.

EDIT May 10, 2021 – I’ve updated the snippets (including those behind the spoiler tags) to reflect changes made to the manuscript to date.

Click the spoiler tag(s), below for a quick review of preceding snippets in this thread:

This Week’s Snippet:

Change of Plans - Chapter 1 - Snippet 3

Stunning blue eyes that would beautifully reflect the Zioneven summer sky snapped open and stared in horror as if he were shackled in a Proye dungeon with Efren approaching, wielding instruments of torture.

Efren smiled reassuringly. Perhaps the young man had drunk more spirits than he was used to when he’d allowed Dru to coax him to Efren’s bed and couldn’t remember how he’d gotten here. But no, Dru would never bring him a man who was visibly drunk, so the man must be able to hold his liquor well even if it eventually affected his recall.

“You are in friendly hands, my lovely. You are free to stay or go, whichever you’d rather.” Efren held his breath and cut off his desire to plead for the man to stay.

In case you missed the beginning of Marcelo and Efren’s relationship—or perhaps I should say their first time around—here are some handy links:

The Contingency Plan

A sheltered prince.
A sudden death.
An unexpected choice.
How will Prince Marcelo react
to discovering he’s…
The Contingency Plan?

A death that wasn’t
what it seemed.
A kidnapping that isn’t
what it seems.
Time is running out.

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6 thoughts on “RAINBOW SNIPPETS – Change of Plans – April 3-4, 2021

  1. Oh my word–I remember the one time I woke up to a relative stranger in my bed. It wasn’t nearly this romantic. It was my one semester of college. I was 18 and a hot mess, but I didn’t usually bring strange guys back to my dorm room. Fortunately, we were both fully clothed. The only thing I knew was that his name was Ted and I met him in a line waiting for concert tickets, which tells you how long ago this was.
    My response was “you’ve gotta go!” I hustled him out the back stairs, hoping that no-one saw us.

    1. Goodness! Sounds like he was cooperative, so not as scary as it could have been. Still…yikes! ❤️

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