GUEST POSTS ~ I’ve written some guest posts…

I’ve written some Guest Posts!

In celebration of the release of Change of Plans (book 3 in the Plans Trilogy), I’ve visited a few blogs over the past month. Come check them out:

1️⃣ Lily G. Blunt’s Blog ~ 5+5 reasons you’ll fall in love with Princes Marcelo and Efren from my Plans Trilogy:

2️⃣ Zakarrie’s Blog ~ My evolution from Pantser to Plantser while writing the Plans Trilogy: 

3️⃣ Ofelia Grand’s Blog ~ Plans Trilogy Trope Talk: Memory Loss: 

4️⃣ A.L. Lester’s Blog ~ Plans Trilogy Trope Talk: Arranged Marriage: 

5️⃣ Nell Iris’s Blog ~ Plans Trilogy Trope Talk: Hurt/Comfort: 

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