RAINBOW SNIPPETS ~ The Contingency Plan Bonus Scene ~ August 14-15

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Change of Plans is OUT NOW at JMS Books (and all the usual distributors). It’s a novella (~32k words), and completes a series/trilogy, following The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans.

This week I’m snipping from a BONUS SCENE I wrote for The Contingency Plan, in which I rewrote the opening scene to be told from Efren’s POV. In the published story, the entire first book is from Marcelo’s POV.


The Contingency Plan - Bonus Scene - Opening Scene retold from Efren*s POV - Part 1

For context:

I started the snippet a little bit into the overall scene, but basically, Efren and his fellow travelers have just arrived in Sheberat for his wedding to Princess Marcela. They are still approaching the castle, but have learned that the princess died in a tragic riding accident just days earlier. In this snippet, he’s processing that information.

The Snippet:

[Efren] had no doubt, knowing what he did of Queen Giselle’s nature, that she would also prefer to finalize the peace treaty on schedule. He’d traveled a great distance over several weeks to be here for his wedding tomorrow. Once his choice under the contingency plan was announced, there would be no sensible reason not to proceed with the wedding, albeit with a considerable role change.

He also had no doubt that the announcement of his choice would shock the Sheburat nobles to their core. The Zioneven court had submitted the wording for the marriage portion of the treaty’s contingency plan. One word in particular had been pointedly slipped in to allow them flexibility, all the while knowing the Sheburat nobles would never suspect the purpose behind that innocuous word.

Efren’s one worry was in regard to the reaction of Prince Marcelo, Princess Marcela’s younger twin brother. Efren had no doubt Marcelo’s astonishment would eclipse that of pretty much everyone else in Sheburat. But would that jolt morph into revulsion or interest?

The Contingency Plan - Bonus Scene - Opening Scene retold from Efren*s POV - Part 2

For Context:

Skipping forward just a bit from last week’s snippet, Crown Prince Efren of Zioneven and his fellow travelers have just arrived in Sheberat for his wedding to Princess Marcela but have learned that the princess died in a tragic riding accident just days earlier and Efren plans to select her twin brother as her replacement under a treaty’s contingency plan. They are now assembled in the castle’s main hall.

The Snippet:

Efren stepped into place, front and center on one side of the hall, and his entourage arranged themselves around him. Queen Giselle was announced, and she nodded as she stepped into place opposite him. He returned the nod and stayed alert while the Sheburat royals and nobles were announced, one by one, as they entered and settled into formation around Queen Giselle.

One of the last to enter the great hall for this impromptu meeting was Princess Kemble, who entered with the air of someone determined to retain her dignity as she was escorted to the gallows. Her expression was tight. She obviously expected a momentary announcement sealing a fate she did not relish.

Although she would have grown up knowing she was the likely backup should Marcela die before her marriage day, she’d no doubt grown complacent as that date approached. Her expression when he made his announcement would be as interesting to watch as Prince Marcelo’s would be. 



The Contingency Plan - Bonus Scene - Opening Scene retold from Efren's POV - Part 3

Yeah, I’m still using the stickers instead of my bad drawing. Figured I should remain consistent until the end of this thread, but then again, the setup will remain the same except for the thought/speech bubbles, so I think this’ll be the last one.

For Context:

Picking up immediately where we left off last week with the last of Sheburat’s royals entering the great hall to welcome the party from Zioneven.

The Snippet:

Speaking of whom, Efren’s breath hitched as a striking young man with strawberry blond shoulder length curls stepped into place in the doorway. He had a superficial femininity, but his lithe masculinity shone through. Prince Marcelo stood straight and tall as his name was announced, and he strode gracefully to his place below the youngest of his sisters rather than in age order as they were arranged. Efren schooled his features to not display his disgust at that demeaning convention.

Efren kept his gaze on Marcelo as the young man’s features softened inquisitively even as he lifted his chin in a show of strength while he perused the people on the Zioneven side of the room. Marcelo seemed to be everything his diplomats had reported. Curious and intelligent—albeit undereducated. He was also reportedly the most empathetic of Queen Giselle’s offspring.

Marcelo’s gaze eventually landed on Efren, and the young man blinked as if surprised to find his regard returned. The muscles in Marcelo’s jaw tightened, and he stared unwaveringly. He had spirit, and a corner of Efren’s mouth quirked up before turning his head, making a point of letting Marcelo “win” the stare down.

About the series…

Although I always try to write sequels so random readers won’t be completely lost, this series will be best appreciated if all the stories are read in order. Change of Plans is now available at JMS Books (and all the usual distributors).

Note: The Contingency Plan is also included in JMS Books’ 2018 Top Ten Gay Romance:
Publisher | Books2Read | More Info

Note: The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans are both in Kindle Unlimited (the Books2Read links will get you there ).

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