REVIEW ROUNDUP 02 ~ The Plans Trilogy Box Set ~ #ReviewRoundup

Two more lovely reviews have come in for The Plans Trilogy Box Set since my review roundup back in mid-June. I’m so thrilled with the reviews this trilogy has garnered! 😁:

★★★★★ ~ M/M Book ~ J’s Reviews ~ M/M Book Reviewer


“The Plans Trilogy was one of the sweetest and most romantic story ever written. I absolutely loved, loved Marcelo and Efren. They are one of most beloved couples. The plot itself was engrossing. I really enjoyed this arranged marriage, political/royal intrigue trilogy.”

On BookBub, this lovely reviewer listed the reasons she enjoyed this book:

Easy-to-read :: Entertaining :: Great world building :: Happily Ever After :: Original :: Page-turner :: Romantic :: Steamy :: Tear-jerker :: Twisted :: Unpredictable :: Whimsical :: Wonderful characters ::

★★★★-1/2 ~ Joyfully Jay – Kris


“…this is sort of fantasy light, without a lot of world building, but Albright makes it work and give just enough to set up the world so that the reader should have no problem diving in. Marcelo is a sweetheart from word one, and since he’s grown up in a matriarchal society, he knows his place is to remain unmarried and unattached. His mother, the queen, and his sisters are the ones with the power, and Marcelo is happy to chase academic pursuits. He’s young, barely 18, but has a ready mind that puts pieces of the puzzle together quickly. He faces the new hurdle of becoming Efren’s spouse with aplomb and grace, knowing it’s his duty and that he doesn’t have a choice, but going into it with an open heart and ready to do the best he can. The author does an outstanding job of making this sweet and endearing, while also giving Marcelo autonomy and presence. The twist on the trope here was nice to see.”

“The author does a great job of balancing the romance side of things with the political machinations of the four countries in the realm. With each novella, more clues are uncovered and more pieces slip into place to show the plot is much more involved than anyone would have guessed. Nothing was too surprising, but it was well done and laid out nicely.”

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