SALE ALERT ~ JMS Books’ Anti-Prime Sale!

Sale Alert ~ 2 Days Only!!!

50% off eBooks and $8 Paperbacks – July 12 & 13

You don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to save big today and tomorrow! In addition to the other July sales, which are still going on (refresher below), you can get ebooks for 50% off and paperbacks for only $8 at JMS on July 12 & 13 only!

If you’re like me, you collect your favorites in paperback so you can lovingly caress the pages as you reread the story over and over. Er…no? That’s not why you get them? *cough* Me neither. Of course not! Ahem…nope, it’s because I like the reminder that I’m overdue for a reread when I stroll by my bookcase and casually glance at my collection of solid faves. Yep, that’s the only reason!

Anyhoo…do any of these happen to fall under the category of favorite reads for you?:

I just heard last night that The Plans Trilogy Box Set will be coming out in paperback, too, (🎉 woo! 🎉) but alas, I don’t see it happening in time for this particular sale.

Below is a refresher on the other sales my books are part of throughout July, but the above sale is for 2 days only!

I’ve got a month of bargains for you! JMS Books is celebrating their 12th anniversary by offering 12% off ebooks. Smashwords is having their annual summer/winter sale, and JMS has all their books (that cost more than 99¢) listed for 25% off, with authors having the option to up the discount on their books to 50%. I took that option! Both sales run July 1-31.

Sale Alert Reminder #1

12% off eBooks at JMS Books! – Throughout July!

Sale Alert Reminder #2

50% off my eBooks at Smashwords using coupon code SSW50 at checkout! – Throughout July!

What would I most like a new-to-me reader to try?

How about some popular box set bargains, accidental time travel, or a Rainbow Award winner?

Boxset Bargains:

Accidental Time Travel:

2020-2021 Rainbow Award WINNER for Best Gay Paranormal Romance:

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