Here’s what I #AmReading since my last update…

Since my last #AmReading post way back in February I’ve been either rereading old faves, or reading new stuff by fave authors where I know I’ll be happy with the story. Enjoyable as that is, I need to bust out of my rut of rereading the same books/authors. I did get a recommendation on a recent post about Marriage of Convenience and Arranged Marriage, and I’ve already downloaded that book, ready to read next!

My reads/re-reads since that February post is a fairly long list…

New Reads

  • And the World Crumbled by Aldrea Alien
  • Saved by the Bear by Holly Day
  • How to Hook a Vampire by Holly Day
  • The Misfit by Ellie Thomas
  • May Wedding by Ellie Thomas
  • Lament at Loon Landing by Josh Lanyon
  • Death at the Deep Dive by Josh Lanyon
  • Puzzle for Two by Josh Lanyon
  • 44.1644° North by Josh Lanyon
  • The Movie Town Murders by Josh Lanyon


  • The Plumber’s Mate Mysteries (Reread them all)) by JL Merrow
  • Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
  • Balls Up by Kate Aaron
  • Earth Fathers Are Weird by Lyn Gala 

…so I’ll give you an array of clickable covers, below, if you want blurbs/links, but briefly, here’s why I like these books/authors:

I love the world Aldrea Alien created in her well-written Spellster and the Hound series, so I jumped on the new short that came out recently giving a dark glimpse of a scene that had been missing from the novel since we couldn’t have had the POV for it there.

I can always count on Holly Day for a story that’s both entertaining/fun as well as gripping. Likewise for Josh Lanyon…an entertaining storyline as the romance slowly progresses alongside an intriguing mystery.

Ellie Thomas always delivers with lovely stories full of likable characters and a rich backdrop that leave me with a smile. Great for when I need a break from intense stories and just want a pleasant read.

I can’t say enough good things about JL Merrow’s stories in general, and The Plumber’s Mate Mysteries in particular. They make me laugh, the characters are so much fun, the slowly developing romance is perfect, and the mysteries are well-woven.

I’ve only ever read the one book by Casey McQuiston, but it’s a keeper. I reread it just recently after seeing advertisements for the upcoming movie. It’s a fun story!

I’ve reread Balls Up so many times. I’m a hurt/comfort junkie and this book crushes it.

I love everything I’ve read by Lyn Gala, but I think Earth Fathers Are Weird might be my fave, or at least tied with the Claimings series. It’s freaking hilarious and at the same time a fabulous (if totally unrealistic…but who cares) story. I love the second book in the Earth Fathers series, too.

Here’s that cover array!

5 thoughts on “Here’s what I #AmReading since my last update…

  1. I’ve just discovered Josh Lanyon, and having raced through the Adrien English Mysteries, I’m working my way through her back catalogue. The Plumber’s Mate series by JL Merrow is one of my favourites. Like you, it’s on my regular re-read list! And thank you so very much for the mention, Addison! ❤️

    1. I’m so glad you discovered Adrien English! It’s such a fabulous romance arc! ❤️ And The Plumber’s Mate, too.

      Of course! You and your lovely Twelve Letters boys will always be worthy of mention and recommendation! The Misfit guys were a fabulous addition to the ensemble. ❤️

      1. I was floored by the arc of Adrien and Jake’s romance. Simply addictive! ❤️ And The Plumber’s Mate series is irresistible!

        And that’s so lovely of you! I’m delighted you liked Luc and Harry’s addition to the ensemble. You’ve really made my day! ❤️

        1. Aren’t you glad you weren’t reading A.E. as it came out, with a long gap between books? Sometimes being late to the party is a good thing. 😆

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