#MeMeMonday ~ Time to crow about a few more reviews!

A couple more reviews have come in since my larger review roundup in early August, and I thought having a (MeMe)Monday open on the blog was the perfect time to share them with you. As with the earlier set, “but, but…it ended” is once again the primary complaint. 🤷‍♀️

Aldrea Alien—whose fantasy stories I love (seriously, go check them out)—said…

“As with much of Albright’s works, my chief complaint is that I didn’t want the story to stop. Obren and Dukan were such sweet characters that I would’ve been quite happy reading several more fluff-filled chapters of them living their happily-ever-after lives.”

Jay at Queer Sci-Fi said…

“This well-written story is lovely: there are some worrying moments, but then there’s is a happy ever after. I would have liked a slightly longer version, perhaps with a glimpse of the various futures, but this is not a criticism, just wishful thinking!

I recommend the book – it blends mm romance with a well-realised fantasy world.”

Never fear, Aldrea and Jay (and all other interested parties), no doubt there’ll be bonus scenes down the road for Obren and Dukan, and they do tend to be fluff-filled! 😁 I’ve got no immediate plans for future publications/drama for them, but, then again, I said that with The Contingency Plan, and that’s a trilogy now.

Anyway, other than that Queer Sci-Fi review (link above), I’m pretty sure you’ll find all the other reviews on at least one of these sites:


Drawing the short straw is bad luck…isn’t it?

A treaty between three warring realms calls for a mass wedding ceremony amongst their eligible princes and princesses to solidify the peace. But since the number of males and females differ, one of the marriages must be between two of the princes.

Prince Obren of Canna draws the short straw, sealing his fate, and Prince Dukan of Butari volunteers to be the other half of the nontraditional marriage. The two princes fought nobly in the years-long war and are willing to do whatever it takes to finalize the treaty, ending the conflict that took the lives of their loved ones…Obren’s brother and Dukan’s lover.

Each harbors a dark secret, and King Rogan of Canna has long nurtured a deep hatred of Obren, blaming him for bringing home the deadly virus responsible for the untimely death of his much-adored wife. Obren and Dukan can’t deny their chemistry, but can they overcome the ugly truths complicating their path to a friendly, respectful, and—dare they hope—loving relationship? Will King Rogan stop at nothing to dash Obren’s chance at happiness, or does that short straw represent good luck, after all?

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