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All of the reviews have been favorable so far (whew!), so that’s a lovely relief! We never send our book babies out into the world unless we think it’s a worthy story that we, ourselves, at least would enjoy if we were a reader looking at it with fresh eyes. But, we’re all different and prefer different things, so it’s nice to read such kind comments to help drive away the doubts and tamp down the imposter syndrome!

Although some reviews originated on blogs, they were cross-posted various places, and I believe you can ultimately find them all at Goodreads and many at Amazon and BookBub too:

The most common concern that I read was that it…ended. Not that it was incomplete, but that they didn’t want the story to end:

Becky puts it like this:

My biggest issue with this novella is that I wanted so much more. Don’t get me wrong, it absolutely works as a standalone and the story is complete. But I fell in love with this world and these characters and just want more of them.

She went on to add:

I really enjoyed this book and devoured it in a single sitting.

Here are a few more of my favorite snippets from the reviews:

Juniper said:

I’m giving this story full marks for creativity.


... the world building brings just enough depth and detail to bring the characters, who are dynamic and interesting in their own right, into focus.

Merissa said:

This was a great read that I read in one sitting. The characters were well-fleshed out given it was a novella, and the world-building made complete sense.


A brilliant novella that I thoroughly enjoyed, although I would have obviously loved it to be longer! A great read and definitely recommended by me.

Ida said:

This one hits the jackpot with it’s variation on the “forced” marriage plot.


The author has created two wonderful characters here, however, who are mature beyond their years and they move beyond duty to so much more. There are some great plot complications along the way and I binge read this in a single sitting.

ButtonsMom2003 said:

I loved how both Obren and Dukan were able to put aside bad things and proceed with the arrangement that neither of them specifically asked for. There’s a dark threat – secrets they are both keeping – and a twist that I didn’t see coming.
This was a great story; I really enjoy a well written novella!

book_nerd_mo/Maureen said:

This novella is a quick read but packs a punch.


The ending twist is great.

Liza said:

Even though the book is very short, I feel that the author did a great job with world building and the characters.

Taylin said:

Luck of The Draw was a compact short story that focused on the success or failure of contractual marriage yet gave enough backstory for depth. It contained dancing, revenge, family relations, attempted murder, reflections on war and its aftermath – all amid a slowly unhinging monarch. The war and its aftermath proved that the pen is often mightier than the sword.

Ellie said:

I was drawn into Obren and Dukan’s dilemma and their unfolding romance based on honesty and respect. The emotional stakes were so high in this story which made it even more rewarding.

Dan said:

I wasn’t entirely certain what kind of tone this book would have, but it turned out in that edge between angsty and sweet, which was a delight. I liked it a lot.


So far, Addison hasn’t let me down.

Not too bad, eh?

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