Seductive Studs #06

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This week I’m going to give you 157 words from Dreaming of You, the third story in my Dreams TrilogyDreaming of You is a novelette length story originally published at eXcessica before being incorporated into the trilogy when the contracts for the first two books in the collection expired.

This excerpt follows immediately after the one I posted last week, in which Quinn approached Trevor at a bar and struck up a conversation.

“Trevor choked. And sputtered. Was Quinn obtuse? He certainly had some big hairy balls.

“What are you, insane as well as a liar? Leave me the hell alone. You’ve done enough damage.”

Trevor turned back to his beer, determined to simply ignore Quinn until the man left. Except Quinn didn’t leave. He settled in with a beer of his own and then had the nerve to bring up the issue himself.

“So you have a thing for that Marty fella, don’t you?”

“Fuck off.”

“What, you don’t want to fuck me anymore?”

Christ. “Leave me the hell alone, Quinn.”

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Trevor, but Marty loves that Larry dude. Larry’s a nice enough little guy. They seem like a pretty sweet couple to me.”

That was too much. Trevor spun to face Quinn. “That why you made out with the little cheater in the restroom then lied to Marty about it?”

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Dreaming of You – Blurb

Trevor’s upset when the man he’s been chasing for years chooses another. He’d come to terms with losing Marty, but his hopes had been recently renewed and freshly dashed. While he’s trying to drown his sorrows, the man he considers to be the cause of his distress approaches him.

When Quinn startles Trevor with an insightful revelation, will Trevor be able to put aside their differences and give love another chance?


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