Random Prompt Words – Flash Fiction Friday Dec. 2, 2016


For this week’s 15 random words I’m using:


acceptance – reception – occasion – deficiency – date – Mars – chauvinist – fountain – suppress – nightmare – rage – sweep – fashionable – exotic

Below is the short-short I wrote using these words. Nell’s word (juxtaposition) got me thinking about my Adventures with Harrison and Mason scenes since the two are always portrayed as opposites. I figured I could work the word into another story for them, so that’s who I’m bringing back for today’s ficlet. They’ve previously only been featured in my image-inspired drabbles (precisely 100 word scenes), so this will be the longest story to include the pair.

Flash Fiction Friday

“Do you ever wish someone would sweep you off to some exotic location?” asked Mason.

He glanced at me as he drove us home from his cousin Amelia’s wedding reception. It had been a miserable occasion for us both. A fucking nightmare to be brutally honest.

Neither of us cared much for her new husband, Chad. He was a proud and unrepentant chauvinist, worse than ever since he now felt validated by the one whose name I still couldn’t bring myself to say without spitting in anger and frustration, but who’d somehow managed to become our new president-elect.

Apparently, Chad’s former acceptance (or perhaps tolerance) of us had also gone by the wayside if the way he’d totally ignored us when we’d approached to offer the obligatory congratulations was anything to go by. It had taken every ounce of self-control I could muster to suppress the rage I’d felt.

The only thing I was glad about was that we’d left Jaxon home with a babysitter, so he hadn’t been exposed to the blatant bigotry we’d been subjected to by someone who was now a member of our family. Amelia wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but still, what was she thinking marrying someone like that?

“Earth to Harrison.” Mason’s hand waved in front of my face, bringing me out of my reverie.

“Sorry,” I replied. “It depends. Would that ‘someone’ be you?”

Mason laughed. “It better be!”

I forced a smile. Mason wasn’t letting our bad experience get him down, so I should try not to either. “So, how exotic were you thinking?”

“Heh, somewhere less exotic than Mars, where you’ve apparently been these past few minutes.” Mason peeked over at me and winked. “No, I was thinking about this at the reception ’cause…well…I needed to be thinking about anything but that prick Amelia married. Anyway, imagine if we won an all-expenses paid date—one day only to be whisked off to anywhere in the world—where would you want to go?”

Sometimes I felt like I had an imagination deficiency, but perhaps that was only when compared to Mason. He was so vibrant and fun and charming. I was more rooted in reality. I supposed we balanced each other. I knew we loved each other just the way we were. I sometimes wondered, though, what our son, Jaxon, thought of the juxtaposition.

“Hmm,” I muttered. “Perhaps we could visit the Magic Fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona. Not that it would do any good, but I’d love to toss in a coin and wish for a do-over for 2016.”

Mason snorted. “November, anyway.”

I sighed again. “Sorry. I’m such a downer tonight. No…how about this? We could jet over to Paris and be all chic and fashionable. We could attend a ballet performance at the Palais Garnier.”

“Now you’re talking,” exclaimed Mason. “I haven’t seen you in a tux since our wedding. You looked so amazing.”


“Yeah.” Mason reached across the console to hold my hand. “I love you, Harrison. We’re going to make it. No matter what we have to do, or where we have to go.”

And in that moment I knew he was right. As long as our little family was together we’d be fine. I gave his hand a squeeze. “I love you, too.”

Once again, because I can’t resist a good challenge, I’ll take the first 15 prompt words given to me in the comments, below, for next week’s Flash Fiction Friday post. One word per commenter, please. I’ll make up the difference using the random word generator site if I don’t get 15 here.

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5 thoughts on “Random Prompt Words – Flash Fiction Friday Dec. 2, 2016

  1. Awww, that was fabulous, Addison! I had to go back and read the others and it’s a super cute family. Methinks they deserve an entire book of their own 😉

    Are you tired of my words yet? This week I give you “persimmon”. (Yes, it’s from my poetry challenge, for Dec 10th. And as with avocado I have no idea what to write 😀 ) Have fun! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I like that pair, too, so I use them a lot with the flash fiction. 🙂
      Piece of cake for persimmon––in a story anyway (either use it as a food or a color), not so much for poetry.

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