May 31, 2017 Prompt – Adventures with Harrison and Mason #FlashFic

I came across this list of writing prompts for May, 2017 on the Writer’s Write page and thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m going to try for a series of drabbles (precisely 100-word scenes) that will flow together featuring the characters from my Adventures with Harrison and Mason flash fiction story scenes.


May 31, 2017 — I Almost Forgot

(Harrison’s 3rd-person POV)

“There!” Harrison smoothed a hand over the homemade quilt he’d spread over Gramps’ bed. “Does it feel like you’re settled in, now?”

The boxes they’d shipped with Gramps’ belongings had arrived today, and they’d had fun finding places for each of his treasures throughout the house. “It feels like home.” Gramps grinned, and one of his trademark chortles escaped him. “Thank you. I almost forgot how to laugh, then you three swooped in and reminded me.”

The back door slammed open and Jaxon shouted. “Gramps! You’ve got to come and see! You’ll never guess what! We have fossils here, too!”

The End!

Within a couple days I’m going to put this series all together in a single post to make it easier to read, then I’ll remove the individual posts from the “Adventures with Harrison and Mason” and the other flash fiction categories so they won’t clog them up. In the meantime, all the drabbles in this series using the May, 2017 prompts can be found here (note: to read them in order, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the category list and read up from there).

4 thoughts on “May 31, 2017 Prompt – Adventures with Harrison and Mason #FlashFic

  1. Oh Addison! This was the perfect ending to an adorable story! Gramps stuff all over the house and not just in his room AND fossils! <3

    I'm gonna miss these guys *sob*

    1. 😊

      Don’t worry, Harrison, Mason, Jaxon, and Gramps will all be back. Not this Friday, though. I took your word (kiss), added 14 randoms to it, and wrote a “what if” scene for Cultivating Love. It’s a scene featuring the characters and setting from the story, but taking place in the spring before. But, if this happy scene had actually happened, then their continuing story would have been completely different, so it’s not a true prequel—more of an alternate universe scene.

      Also, I dug out my old recurring characters from long ago (Ben & Jerry) by searching on the old Torquere Livejournal social group where I’d written them on the spot when I was host for the day years and years ago. I’ll be recycling and introducing them here on the blog in the coming weeks. I think you’ll like that wacky pair, too. 🙂

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