Cultivating Love – Review Roundup

Donna at Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews had some nice things to say about Cultivating Love, and rated it a 4.5 out of 5. Here are a couple excerpts from her review:

I first read this book years ago, when it was released through a different publisher. I continue to re-read it at least once a year, and I love it even more each time. Now that the author has expanded this edition (can you say…perfect epilogue) this was my favourite re-read yet.

I’m not normally a fan of books with already established couples, I usually feel as though I’ve missed part of the story, but I never get that feeling with Cultivating Love. I absolutely recommend this to anyone in the need for a slice of happy in their life.

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Screenshot 2017-06-26 10.17.56Sue at Books Laid Bare Boys rated Cultivating Love 4 out of 5, and said it’s “A really nice read.”

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11 thoughts on “Cultivating Love – Review Roundup

    1. I was pretty happy with it! ♡

      Not much of a “roundup,” though, since it’s only one. I intended to leave the post as a draft until reviews I expect sometime today showed up, but accidentally hit “publish.” It would have been a pain to remove since it cross-posted to FB & Twitter, and got a quick “like.” So I figured I’d leave it after all. :-/

      1. Lol, yes. That’s why I don’t cross post. I did for a while, but then something like this happened, so I stopped it 🙂

        And it doesn’t matter really. Just do a Roundup part 2 and you’ll be fine 🙂

        1. Doesn’t look like the two on the review tour are going to post reviews today anyway. One blog hasn’t posted anything since the middle of the month, and the other posted the review tour stuff without the review. Probably hasn’t read it yet? However, there’s others that took review copies, but aren’t part of the tour (like Love Bytes), so maybe.

          1. Ah, I spoke (wrote) too soon. The one did have a separate post with the review. It’s on a different part of the site, not with the rest of the blog, so I missed it at first. I’ve updated this post with the link.

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