Treadmill Fail this Week


I can say that I spent an hour mowing the lawn last Sunday, but otherwise I totally blew off my exercise/treadmill goal this week. I do have an excuse: I’ve had company spending the week with me, and since they were using the fold-out couch in the room that houses the treadmill, it would have been awkward. Plus I’ve had my 2-year-old granddaughter pretty much around the clock for the week, which also made it difficult to make the time. On the plus side, I got plenty of exercise chasing her around!

12 thoughts on “Treadmill Fail this Week

  1. Like you said: running around after a toddler is exercise in itself. And I’m sure you’ll be back at it when your company leaves. You’ve been so good for so long.

    Btw: have you changed the commenting function on your blog? I had to fill in my name and stuff today and a code (to show I’m not a robot I guess). Usually, it’s automatic with my wordpress user name. Is it supposed to be this way, or has something changed without you knowing it? 🙂

      1. Hmm, did you subscribe on purpose and just don’t want to have to confirm? If you did mean to do that and just think it’s a pain to have to confirm, that’s not a problem. I just toggled off the need to confirm, so it shouldn’t happen next time (assuming I keep using this plugin). I do like the feature where you can add custom smiley and/or images/videos in the comments, but I don’t want commenting to be more of a pain than it’s worth.

        1. Yes, I subscribed on purpose, I always do that because I’m curious about the other comments on a post I’ve commented on 🙂 And I subscribed to follow up comments for my first comment, but not on the second one, and then I didn’t get an email for the second one. So it seems like I’d have to subscribe to every single comment.

          1. Hmm, okay, I just checked this option in the settings: “Notify of new replies to this comment” checked by default. I think most people want to be notified of replies to their own comment, and the checked box is easier to notice and untoggle than it would be to notice when it’s empty.

    1. I’m playing around with plug-ins. Did you have to fill everything in just the first time, or did you have to do it for both comments? I suppose if everyone has to do it only once, it’s not a big deal, but it would be a pain if it was every time. :hmm:

      1. No, seems like I only had to fill in my information the first time. Except for the code, that I have to fill in every time.

        Idk, I might be wearing my grumpy pants today, but I like it when it’s easy to comment. I often have problems with blogspot, because they want me to comment with my Google account, but that’s in my legal name, so I don’t want to use it. And even though there’s an option to choose my wordpress account it never works, and I’ve even had problems commenting when choosing their “name/url” option. Then I get grumpy and I don’t comment at all 🙂

        So if you ask me, I like it better the way it used to be. But maybe it was only easy for me because I’m a wordpress user? Maybe for other commenters it wasn’t as easy, so for them this new thing isn’t different? Idk. Never mind me. Like I said: grumpy pants 😆

        1. I’ll play around with the settings later and see what I can do to improve it. I have the same issue with blogspot. I have an account with the pen name, but it directs people to the account I don’t use, but won’t let me login with WordPress even though it seems to be an option.

        2. I didn’t have problem with the old way until I upgraded so I could get the plugin to be able to add “spoiler tags,” and the option to be able to “like” comments went away. So I looked at comment plugins to find away to get something like that back. *sigh*

          1. Weird that adding spoiler tags took away the like-option. Where’s the logic in that? 🙂

            Anyway, whatever you did, made sure I didn’t get any email at all telling me about new comments. If I weren’t so curious and know that you usually answer the comments, I wouldn’t have poked my head in here and found these new comments from you 🙂

            1. I know! I didn’t get any warning for that so I’m just assuming it’s related. It did tell me a couple widgets in the footer would go away and I decided that was okay. Anyway, I’ll fiddle with it again later and see if I can’t improve things. If nothing else I can do away with this plugin and just be stuck without being able to like comments other than from the dropdown notification thingy.

            2. I gave up and went back to the old comments. I can only “like” comments from the notifications up in the corner now, which is a bummer, but it wasn’t worth the hassle of everything associated with that plugin to get something similar, especially since those “like” buttons didn’t trigger the official WordPress “like.” 🙁

              So, I’ll leave the comments alone, and work on getting the “like” problem figured out. Meanwhile, I’m having fun with other plugins. 🙂

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