I’m over at Joyfully Jay today…

I’m over at Joyfully Jay today talking about the upcoming GayRomLit event in Denver. You can check it out here.

Joyfully Jay   GRL Retreat 2017 Badge Featured Author


Meanwhile, I’ve got most of my giveaway stuff in now. Just waiting for one more swag item and the free short story booklets (Captain Jack and the Snack Attack) to arrive, then I’ll take some photos and post all about it. The booklets are scheduled to arrive Sept. 25, and I would think the other will be here any day.

Besides the swagalicious freebies, I’ve also got some nifty prizes (a selection of items from BlueQ and a couple posters from Assigned Male Comics) for some of the lucky attendees of my reading. I’ll post all the details about that later, too.

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