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GRL - GayRomLit

I came across a BuzzFeed article titled, 53 Pictures Only Introverts Can Truly Appreciate, that got me thinking about the upcoming GRL in Denver. These are the images that stood out for me:




This is the mode I’m in now. It’ll pretty much take from now until October for me to gather the emotional strength to do this.


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Small talk.

It’ll be a requirement, but I am so very, very bad at it.


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Featured authors have some kind of spotlight thing they do. I figure a reading sounds less stressful than other options, but even so, I can totally picture this happening.


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I see all the excited people posting about how they can’t wait to see all their GRL friends again.


I’ll have enough trouble figuring out how to join in with other newbies, let alone already established groups.

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The whole point of attending GRL is to network with fellow authors and attract new readers. Will the cost/benefit ratio of this venture be worth it when the risk of me being this guy is so high?

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(I got this image from a Huffington Post article.)

Being shy is not the same as being introverted. In my case, though, I’m both.

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I’ve seen this image around a lot but nabbed it off the comments section of that BuzzFeed article. This is my best hope (other than and being über-prepared, ’cause that’s how I roll)—linking up with other introverts or shy/introverts so I don’t feel completely lost, yet am not overwhelmed.

GRL - GayRomLit

See You at #GRL #GayRomLit 2017!


I’ve gone and signed up as a “Featured Author” at the GRL Retreat in Denver, CO that’s taking place Oct. 19-22. I’m not sure what possessed me to do it, but I’m going to try not to chicken out. I wanted to attend something smaller as an observer before trying out something of this scale, but that hasn’t happened. Guess I’m jumping in at the deep end without a life jacket.

My way of coping with the stress of not knowing what to expect or what to do is to research. I’m looking at contest ideas and swag options, but I would dearly love if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me.