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One of the things I’ll be giving away at the upcoming #GayRomLit event in Denver (October 19-21) is a short story booklet. Captain Jack and the Snack Attack is a fun, holiday themed, complete short story (6,937 words). I’m pretty excited about this giveaway that’ll round out my respectable (for a first-timer who doesn’t already have a stockpile) bit of swag. I’ll also be handing out pens (with bonus stylus tip), notepads, letter openers, rainbow silicone wristbands, and bookmarks, and I’ve got some book cover postcards for the signing event so if anyone actually wants my autograph, they won’t have to scramble to find something for me to sign. I’ll be posting separately with pictures of all this stuff closer to the event. Oh, and candy—be sure to stop by my author lounge sessions for some naughty candy!

Cover 02 - Captain Jack and the Snack AttackAnyway, the story has been edited to within an inch of its life, and the booklet order has been placed. I’ll post an image of the actual booklets once they’ve arrived (expected ETA is September 27).


When Gordie spots the perfect Christmas gift for his sister at a charity silent auction, he’s disappointed to be thwarted by a better-funded bidder who also has his eye on the signed and framed movie poster featuring Captain Jack Sparrow. When he and Kenton meet again, Gordie isn’t going to let a little disappointment get between him and a potential date. Still, Gordie wants to erase the unfortunate image of his first impression and can’t decide on the proper etiquette for a first date that is mere days before Christmas. To gift, or not to gift?

When their first date is derailed by Captain Jack, Kenton’s wayward kitten, the guys make the best of a silly situation. They overcome a serious case of the munchies, an untimely interruption from an ornery ball of fur, and uncover a shared sense of humor, and a desire for more.

Make the Yuletide Gay - Cover
Captain Jack and the Snack Attack will also be available for FREE download in ebook formats on November 24 in the Make the Yuletide Gay anthology.

Other stories in the anthology are:

  • A Christmas Party to Remember by Nicky Spencer
  • An as yet unnamed story by Stephen Hoppa
  • The Christmas Day Date by Nell Iris
  • Year of the Monkey by Amy Tasukada.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with these fantastic authors to put together this festive collection for our readers. I’ve already had the opportunity to read and participate in the first round of edit’s for Nell Iris’s lovely story. It’s everything her fans have come to love about her writing—sweet, with lovable characters that’ll make you go “aww” by the end. Fans (such as myself) of Amy Tasukada’s Would It Be Okay to Love You? series will be all atingle to get another peek at Aoi and Sato’s lives, but don’t worry, this short will stand alone nicely if you aren’t already familiar with them. Stephen Hoppa has an incredible backlist of popular, highly rated gay romance and erotic romance titles, and I’m elated to be sharing this project with him. Nicky Spencer is a brand new, and utterly remarkable writer. I’ve been privileged with a sneak beta peek at her upcoming novel, A Bolt of Blue (Angels Book 1), and all I can say is…prepare to be wowed by her beautiful writing style!

Download links are pending.

Excerpt from Captain Jack and the Snack Attack:

“Come on. I want to see what the poster’s up to,” Gordie said. He and Claire zigzagged around tables laden with everything from autographed sports memorabilia to Tiffany-style lamps. When Gordie spied the new bid, he blew out a relieved sigh. “He only upped it by ten dollars. Maybe he’s reaching his limit.”

“Or maybe he’s flirting with you—wants you to notice him and keep coming back,” Claire said.

“Oh, for fu—” Gordie bit off the rest. They were at a charity auction, after all. “He’s a straight guy. Probably wants the poster for one of his kids.”

“Lighten up. At least have fun imagining it. Why assume he’s straight? He could be gay, or maybe bi.”

“The laws of probability are on my side. Besides, why would he assume I’m gay? I’m here with you.”

“The laws of party-pooper are on your side.” Claire sniffed. “Anyone who sees you drooling over Captain Jack is gonna suspect. Why don’t you admit it, you’re hung up on this poster because you want to be able to visit it on a regular basis.”

Gordie ignored her comments, partly because it would be dishonest to deny any of it. Better to pretend he was taking the high road, refusing to be baited. “Come on. We haven’t seen all the gift baskets yet.”

As they wandered, they worked out their final strategy. Ten minutes before the bidding closed, they’d make their last and best bids on their first-choice auction items—the signed Dead Men Tell No Tales movie poster for Gordie—er—Genna, and the tailgate party for Claire’s dad since fate had apparently decided she didn’t need to be pampered with that basket o’ spa crap. After that, they’d head for their second choices, products that were more likely to remain in their budget. They would only place those bids if they spotted someone outbidding them on their preferred items.

At the agreed upon time, they separated to place their last-ditch effort bids. Some of Gordie’s concerns faded when he saw nobody else had piled on after Mr. Smokin’-Hot-In-His-Armani-Suit’s last bid. He placed his auction identification sticker on the paper and wrote in his new offer. He upped the bid by another twenty dollars, a number that seemed weak in this situation, yet outrageous compared to what he’d typically spend on Genna’s Christmas gift.

“Please,” he muttered, then stepped back. He glanced around, and his shoulders slumped when he spotted him—his new arch-nemesis—staring back. When the guy noticed that Gordie had spotted him, he grinned, and—dammit—started walking toward Gordie and Captain Jack.

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  1. Pens and notebooks and bookmarks and Captain Jack booklets?! It sounds like a smorgasbord of awesomeness for me….eh I mean book lovers 😁 I love pens and notebooks. Seriously, I don’t know how it’s possible for me to love regular objects as much as I love pens and notebooks, but I do. Notebooks are so pretty and pens are like magic and… now you’ll think I’m crazy 😁

    And thank you so much for your kind words ❤️😘

    1. They’re simple flip-up notepads with a rubbery binding at the top, so not quite as cool as a legit notebook, but they’re still pretty nifty. The goal was to provide swag people might actually use over time. It’s all stuff I would grab and use, anyway.

      (They’re TRUE words! 😍)

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