SALE – 30% off ebooks at JMS through Labor Day!

30% Off eBooks Sale at JMS Books!

The post title pretty much says it all. Here’s a link that’ll take you straight to my page, but you can navigate via the drop down menu on the left side of the site to get to whoever’s book you’re interested in (Hint, the Vows Box Set is already a bargain compared to purchasing the stories individually, and with 30% off on top of that, it’s a steal!):

Vows Box Set small

Some good friends and favorite authors had books released in recent weeks. I recommend all of these (click the images for direct links):

fallingintolove  loveintheclouds

crossroads-2  promises


2 thoughts on “SALE – 30% off ebooks at JMS through Labor Day!

    1. Me too!. I think your new one just missed the last sale. I remember looking for it. So I’ll pick that one up this time, too.

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