#RainbowSnippets Dec. 3, 2016 – To Love and To Cherish

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RainbowToday’s snippet is from To Love and To Cherisha novel spinning off from ’Til Death Do Us Part, now available in both ebook and print formats.

I’ve jumped a little bit ahead again to a new scene. For a little context, Nash is recovering from an injury that also involved losing 4 months of memories. His last memory was of being happily engaged to Sam. In Nash’s new reality he’s engaged to Myles/Emmitt, whom he only remembers knowing professionally. In this scene Emmitt is at work, and Nash’s parents are visiting and helping him unpack a few boxes. Nash’s dad had arranged a visit from Sam, thinking it would help out Nash to get a little closure. Here are six lines told from Nash’s 3rd-person POV:

When the dreaded knock on the door finally arrived, the nausea he’d been fighting since the intercom buzzer alerted them to Sam’s imminent arrival came to a head. Nash dropped the photo he’d been clutching, clamped his good hand over his mouth, and stumbled for the small bathroom under the stairs.

Thankfully, pointedly leaving the toilet lid up was one of the ways Dad liked to stir the pot with Mom, and he’d been the last to use it. Nash bent over the bowl in the nick of time.

Needless to say, he hadn’t taken the time to close the bathroom door behind him. He had the presence of mind, once the contents of his stomach had emptied into the toilet, to feel bad for the trio who likely couldn’t help hearing it from the other room.



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Will Nash find love again? Of course he will. Will he go about it in the usual manner? Now that’s another story entirely.

Jilted by his fiancé two weeks before their wedding, Nash Marino’s outlook on life in general, and love in particular, is jaded. After months of couch-surfing, Nash is fed up. He’s sick and tired of his living conditions, worn out by the demands of his nursing job, and despairs of ever finding love again. In fact, he doesn’t think he’s capable of true love. Monogamy, commitment, companionship, and regular sex…that’s all he wants, and the sooner, the better.

When Nash crosses paths with a like-minded man who’s also in need of a live-in nurse for a beloved relative, Nash figures all his problems are solved. Matters are complicated by a freak accident and amnesia. When Nash’s marriage of convenience scheme is muddied by notions of love after his memory reboot, will their plans go awry, or will Nash’s new outlook on life be just what the doctor ordered?

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