Vows Series


  • ’Til Death Do Us Part is a novel. It, and the rest of the Vows series books, are published at JMS Books, LLC.
  • From This Day Forward is a novelette direct sequel to ’Til Death Do Us Part that is written to be able to stand alone, although it’s best appreciated if the novel has been read first.
  • Okay, Then is included in the Love Is Proud anthology, with a 2nd edition in the Snapshots box set and the Vows box set. It’s a short story in the timeline of the flashback scenes from ’Til Death Do Us Part that can also stand alone.
  • To Love and to Cherish is a novel spinning off from ’Til Death Do Us Part, featuring a side character from that first novel. It is also written to be able to stand alone, but contains spoilers to the the first novel.
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Vows Box Set smallVows Box Set

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle July 9, 2017, then on all the usual distributor sites after that after October 14, 2017.

Here’s the Amazon/Kindle universal link:

The box set contains 2 novels, a novelette, and a short story, totaling over 147,000 words.

Sold separately, the stories retail at almost $14 (not counting the short story, which isn’t available as a standalone). This box set is a STEAL priced at only $6.99!

Join Henry and Sam and an appealing supporting cast as they ride a rollercoaster of emotions when their lives are derailed before coming back on track, leaving Nash as collateral damage in the novel, Til Death Do Us Part, novelette From This Day Forward, and short story, Okay, Then. Nash takes an unusual path to his own HEA in To Love and To Cherish.
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Dream On Series


These stories are a work in progress. Release dates are pending, and titles are tentative.

These are comprehensively rewritten and reedited stories whose earlier editions were previously published both individually and in a collection.

  • Closets Are for Clothes (Featuring Mike & Wes) is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of A Dream Come True.
  • Larry & Marty is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Another Dream.
  • Trevor & Quinn is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Dreaming of You.

Original Covers for the 1st and 2nd Editions:


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Moving Series

These covers represent earlier editions of the stories in the Moving Series that are no longer available individually.


They are included in a box set titled Snapshots, together with all of my early short stories.


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