Flash Fiction Friday #05

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction: There isn’t a standard specific definition for this term beyond “short”, but for the purposes of this “Flash Fiction Friday” post it will mean a precisely 100-word story scene written from a photo prompt.

I’m recycling again, today. This is a piece I wrote in a GoodReads M/M Group thread back on November 30, 2015. Alas, I am hopelessly behind on my Camp NaNoWriMo WIP, so I’ve got to cut corners somewhere! 🙂

Today’s prompt picture is:

“Hey, Ben, I gotta go.”

“What, already?”

“Yeah.” I cocked my head, indicating he should follow me out.

Ben peered warily around the room, but everybody was occupied. They weren’t paying any attention to us. He followed, a slow grin growing on his face.

We walked around to the shed’s opening, on the side opposite the house. We didn’t make it inside. Ben pushed me against the jamb and pressed his mouth to mine. I slid down, level with him, and rested my hands lightly on his hips.

“Come with me,” I gasped.

Ben grinned and nodded. “Anywhere and always.”

If anyone would like to join me in a Flash Fiction Friday link-around, please get in touch. My email address is near the bottom of the “Find Me on the Web” page (see tabs at top of this post).

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