#1LineWed – One of my favorites lines from To Love and To Cherish

I don’t know whether #1LineWed is supposed to be for WiPs or if it generally includes lines from backlist titles, but I figure I can make it be whatever I want. And today I want to highlight one of my favorite lines from my personal favorite of my own books.

From Vows 3: To Love and To Cherish:

This line is spoken by a woozy Nash to Myles/Emmitt. For context, Nash has recently awoken in the hospital with a few months of his memory wiped. He finds himself engaged to Emmitt, a man he only remembers as a professional colleague. Unbeknownst to Nash, his arrangement with Emmitt was a pragmatic/convenience thing rather than a love match. But Emmitt has just shown himself to be very considerate to Nash’s comfort, and Nash looks up at him and says:

“I can see why I fell in love with you.”

Because the unjaded Nash that disappeared in those missing months when he made his agreement with Emmitt would never have considered anything else.

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