IN THE SPOTLIGHT ~ Four Stories Written for World Letter Writing Day

The Naked Gardeners are back! Last year we celebrated World Naked Gardening Day in May by writing stories that involved our MCs somehow being naked in a garden. (Here’s the anthology!). This year we’re writing stories celebrating World Letter Writing Day on 1st September.

Each contemporary gay romance novella includes letters in some way, from A. L. Lester’s stolen fifteenth century letter; Nell Iris’s letter from a decade-old ex getting back in touch; K. L. Noone’s letter-driven nascent love affair to and fro across the sea; and Holly Day’s MC’s dilemma about how to break up with a boyfriend by letter.

These were such fun to write and we’re really sorry to be without Amy Spector this year because of Circumstances ™. We’re hoping her story will be ready by the time this goes to a paperback anthology.

Release Date: 2nd September 2023
Publisher: JMS Books LLC

ISBNs ~ Wordcounts

Dear John by Holly Day: 9781685505349 ~ 17,500
Love, Isidor by Nell Iris: 9781685505332 ~ 15,100
A Flowering of Ink by K. L. Noone: 9781685505332 ~ 26,800
Reading it Wrong by A. L. Lester: 9781685505363 ~ 17,500

Dear John
by Holly Day

How to break up with your boyfriend when your only means of communication are letters?

Logan Fleet is working undercover on a one-house island. A syndicate leader he and his team have been investigating was meant to arrive a week ago but hasn’t shown. Instead, Logan spends his day watching Zion, a talented artist and the syndicate leader’s boyfriend. Logan shouldn’t care, but he feels drawn to Zion.

One bad decision after the other has landed Zion Dash on an island with no cellphone reception, no internet, and no TV. His only means of communication with the world are letters, and his life is falling apart. He wants to curl up next to Logan, but he must get out of the relationship he’s in first.

As the days go by, Logan and Zion grow closer. When news about the syndicate leader being on his way reaches them, Logan tells Zion who he is and tries to get him off the island. But Zion isn’t sure he believes Logan. How can he trust someone who’s been lying about who he is the entire time they’ve been together?

Reading it Wrong
by A.L. Lester

Paul Cranford regrets asking Louise and Darcy Middleton to let the kids from his class have a look at the fifteenth century letter they’re selling at auction. If it hadn’t been for him, it would never have been in the theatre overnight to even get stolen in the first place.

Darcy isn’t keen on Paul Cranford. He’s never quite got over the way Paul knocked him back when Darcy tried to ask him out. But when the letter is stolen from the theatre and Darcy is hurt in the process, Paul steps up to help him and he starts to understand where he’s coming from.

Getting back the letter means they get to know each other better. Will that date Paul turned down happen after all?

A date turned down. A stolen letter. A reminder that nerds don’t just play board games. Reading it Wrong is a gentle MM romance set in the small town world of Theatr Fach.

Love, Isidor
by Nell Iris

Dear Henri, there was a man at the restaurant this evening who looked so much like you that I winked at him and laughed.

One letter from his ex, Isidor, is all it takes to turn Henri’s world upside down. It’s been a decade since they broke up, a decade since they couldn’t make their long-distance relationship work despite their best efforts.

Do you ever think back on the decisions we made and wonder if we could’ve tried harder?

Isidor was the one that got away, the one who’s impossible to forget, and Henri still questions the decisions they made back then. Could they have fought harder for what they had?

My darling Henri. I still dream of you after all this time.

Is ten years apart too long, or will old feelings reignite when Henri and Isidor meet again?

A Flowering of Ink
by K.L. Noone

One misdirected card … and a chance at love.

Professor Burne Cameron loves his job and his environmental research. Unfortunately, three months of field work on a tiny island can get pretty lonely, especially when even his brother forgets his birthday. That is, until an unexpected letter arrives … and Burne finds himself fascinated by the mysterious sender.

Devon Lilian lives alone in a house he’s designed, full of roses and ocean views. His architectural designs are famous, but Devon has reasons for not going out in public. But when a misdirected birthday card for a Professor Cameron turns up at his house, Devon has to send it on … and can’t resist adding a note of his own, a gift for a scientist who might be equally alone.

As Burne and Devon trade letters across the sea, they fall for each other in ink and paper … but now Burne’s research is nearly complete, so he’s coming home.

And Burne and Devon will have to decide whether they can write the rest of their love story together … once they finally meet.

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