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Title:  Into the Mystic, Volume 2
Author: Elna Holst, Valentine Wheeler, A. Fae, Sita Bethel, CC Bridges, Laura Bailo, Jacqueline Rohrbach, MK Hardy, Lina Langley, TS Porter
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: October 16, 2017
Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex
Pairing: Female/Female
Length: 94100
Genre: Paranormal, lesbian, bisexual, romance, short stories, selkies, werewolves, wicthes,

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Ten lesbian/bisexual paranormal short stories…

Green Love – Have you heard about the aspen clone in the heart of Blackwood forest? Some say it’s enchanted, while others…

Dead Letter – Signed, sealed, delivered…or was it?

Seaside Escape – Just because it’s been done for generations doesn’t mean it should be.

Dressed in Wolf Skin – She was never particularly fond of werewolves, but she hated skinwalkers.

Unraveled – Summer can hack their magic, but she can’t hack her own heart.

The Holy Company – On an ancient holy path, they will come face to face with one of the local legends.

Vampire Hours – One’s a vampire. The other is human. One wants forever. The other wants everything to end.

To the Sea – Sometimes you just have to hold your breath and dive in.

Holy Water – She might be the most dangerous being in the world, but Clara is still in love with her.

Lighthouse Five – Is it possible for a mermaid and a human to build a relationship?


Green Love

Elise, a serious-minded environmentalist, hikes into the forbidding forest of Blackwood to find the clonal colony of aspen said to exist at its centre. Her journey is as much a struggle to break free of the overprotectiveness of her older sister and make peace with the loss of their parents as it is a mission to save the woods from the threat of deforestation. Once arrived at the aspen grove, she seems to have stumbled across more than she bargained for. Is someone, or something, out to get her? Will she make it out of Blackwood alive?

Dead Letter

Rosie’s new job as a letter carrier is much harder than she expected. The discovery of a haunted letter box certainly doesn’t make it any easier. For years, Olive has been waiting for the right person to talk to, and it seems Rosie might just be the one.

Seaside Escape

Helping men acquire wives from an ocean of beautiful selkie is a generational thing with Fiona. It’s part of being a witch. Until the day Kinley swims into her world and turns everything she ever knew on its fin. Through Kinley and her selkie sisters, Fiona finds love, a new outlook on her life, and a chance to rectify her past.

Dressed in Wolf Skin

A werewolf with no pack is in danger of becoming the most powerful addition to a skinwalker’s wardrobe. She’s rescued by a witch who lives alone in the desert. Although both are stubborn and independent, they develop feeling for each other while the witch nurses the werewolf back to health. However, the skinwalker still wants his trophy and will do anything to claim it.


Unlike other witches, Summer doesn’t make her own spells. A former foster kid, she learned not to waste anything. She hacks old enchanted items and sells them as good luck charms to poor college students. Her one mistake is in giving a powerful charm to her crush, Imogen, a brilliant biology grad student. That gets Summer noticed by another witch on campus, Imogen’s science professor. Now she must either give in to the professor’s blackmail or risk her wrath. Either way, Imogen’s life hangs in the balance.

The Holy Company

Sophie curses the day she said yes to Anna’s idea of walking Saint James’s Way in Spain. She’s exhausted, and she doesn’t think she can keep her feelings for her a secret for much longer. But a day of rest soon turns into a nightmare when they come face-to-face with one of the local legends, and Sophie’s secret is no longer safe.

Vampire Hours

Janna and Stacy disagree on a lot of things but not on how much they love each other. Realizing that bond isn’t enough, Janna turns Stacy into a vampire, hoping she can be convinced that life is a quirky trip best taken together.

To the Sea

While working with a beach clean-up crew in the aftermath of an oil slick, Kay meets Rose. A reserved and melancholy soul, Kay is utterly enchanted by Rose’s energy and optimism. But everybody has their secrets, even Rose. As the two grow closer, will Kay accept and understand Rose for who she is?

Holy Water

On her eighteen birthday, Clara comes face to face with the spirit that has been calling to her, the one that everyone in her pueblo is afraid of. Despite warnings to stay away from her, the spirit is all that Clara can think about. Soon, she finds herself in an impossible position: stay away from the woman she loves for her own well-being or help her despite the immeasurable risk to her own life.

Lighthouse Five

Chris is happy living a solitary life on her tiny lighthouse island. When she discovers a stranded mermaid named Jewels, and carries her get back to the water, it marks the beginning of a strange new friendship. As they bond over sharing bits of their cultures and finding out their similarities and differences, Chris begins ask herself—how close can a human and a merperson get?

 ☆ Exclusive Excerpt ☆

Dead Letter by Valentine Wheeler

Rosie’s new job as a letter carrier is much harder than she expected. The discovery of a haunted letter box certainly doesn’t make it any easier. For years, Olive has been waiting for the right person to talk to, and it seems Rosie might just be the one.


Rosie, clutching her instructions tightly, stepped tentatively to the door and knocked. It swung open to reveal a tall blonde woman in a crisp tailored suit.


“Hi, I’m Roseline Abellard. Um, I’m supposed to be starting here today?”

The woman smiled and stuck out a hand. “Julie. Welcome to Jackson Station.”

Rosie followed her down a narrow hallway into a wide room filled with raised voices, rustling paper, and bustling people pushing carts and hampers across the cement floor.

“Now,” said Julie. “You’ve already passed the driving test, so that’s good. And you’ve had your on-the-job training as well; is that right?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Rosie. “At Kenmore last week.”

“Great.” Julie pushed open a door, and Rosie followed her into a small office filled with stacks of paper and binders. Rummaging behind the desk, she pulled out a box and dug inside. “Here.” She handed a folded pile of cloth to Rosie. “We’ll get you a real uniform soon, but for this week, you’ll be wearing this.”

Rosie unfolded the bundle and shook out the vest, reading the words LETTER CARRIER emblazoned between reflective stripes. In the pocket was a knit cap with the Postal Service logo and LEDs embedded in the brim.

“Follow me.” Julie led her back out and to a case, where a stout Asian woman sat on a stool, sorting letters into slots with practiced ease. “Mei?”

The woman jumped, dropping the letter in her hand. Julie snagged it from the air, handing it back to her as she stepped down and turned.

“Mei, this is—” She turned to Rosie. “I’m sorry, you go by Rose?”

“Rosie. Hi.” Rosie shook her hand.

“Mei Lin,” said the woman. “Welcome to Jackson.”

“Rosie, you’ll be shadowing Mei on the collection today and tomorrow. If that goes okay, then Thursday you’ll take it over yourself, all right?”

“Thursday? Really? That’s—”

“Great.” Julie bustled away.

Mei moved too fast, Rosie decided as they hustled down Mt. Pleasant Street.

“Keep up, kid,” called Mei. “We’ve got three more houses and then the collection!” She was cheerful as she stuffed mail in each box, fingers riffling and collating as she walked, while simultaneously waving at passersby and deftly dodging the dogs who were sticking their growling faces through fences along the route.

Finally, the truck was back in sight, the end of their loop finished. Rosie collapsed down onto the passenger’s seat, panting.

Mei grinned at her from the driver’s side. “Gonna have to get in shape, kiddo,” she said. “This job’ll give you iron calves. I’ve been doing this for thirty-four years, and I’m not slowing down for you.” She turned the key and the vehicle roared to life. “Now comes the fun part.” Flicking her blinker on, she pulled back out into the road. “Have you heard about 22 Rotheby Place?”

Rosie sat up straighter, reaching for her notebook. “No, I haven’t.”

Mei snorted. “Well then, girlie, you’re in for a treat.” She turned down a narrow, dark street and pulled over next to a bank of blue collection boxes. Pulling out her key, she yanked one open and replaced the full bin with an empty one, then moved to the next. “This one in the middle, you have to give a good kick up here in the dent.” She turned the key, stepped back, and slammed her heel into the corner. The box popped open. “And the last one—” She switched the tubs and closed the middle box, moving across the street. “—is a whole different ball game.”

The box was rusted and ancient, its logo peeling from the side. Unlike the others, it sat alone. “What’s so special about it?”

Mei’s voice dropped to a whisper and she leaned in close, reaching up and draping an arm around Rosie’s shoulders. “They say it’s haunted.”

“Haunted?” Rosie looked at the box dubiously. “Why?”

Mei pulled back, fishing her key back out of her pocket and sidling up to the box. “It only opens for certain people,” she replied, voice still hushed. “Take a look at the lock.”

Rosie bent down obligingly, looking closely as Mei pulled out her key.

“And they say, once a year, sometime around September—” She reached out gingerly, fitting her key in the lock with a grimace. “—it opens up and—”


Mei gave the box a sharp kick, throwing her hands up in the air— “It eats a new carrier alive!

Rosie shrieked and scrambled backward, ears ringing, and Mei let out a guffaw, turning the key and shaking the box until the flap fell open. “Oh, man, kid, you should have seen your face!” She pulled out the tub and scanned the barcode, shaking her head. “Nah, it’s just a legend, you know? I promise.”

Rosie put her hand on her chest, feeling her heart hammering through her shirt. “Jeez,” she managed. “Is that how you welcome all your trainees?”

“Sorry,” said Mei, not looking at all apologetic. “But seriously, that was friggin’ hilarious, kiddo. Now come on, we’ve got another fifteen boxes to hit, and they’ve all gotta be kicked in different places.”

Rosie took a deep breath. Suddenly the idea of doing the collection on her own was a little more appealing.


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